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CI5X Series Impact Crushers

CI5X series impact crusher is a new generation of coarse and medium crushed products designed to meet customers needs for high profit, low cost, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is the guarantee for large-volume production line c

Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, etc.


Model Specifications (mm) Feed opening (mm) Max. feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (t) Dimensions (mm)
CI5X1315 Φ1300×1500 1540×930 600 250-350 250 20 2880×2755×2560
CI5X1520 Φ1500×2000 2040×520 (2040×995) 350(700) 400-600 2×250 (2×200) 30 3390×3520×2790
CI5X1415 Φ1400×1500 1540×1320 900 350-550 250 24 2995×2790×3090
CI5X1620 Φ1600×2000 2040×1630 1100 500-900 2×200 42 3485×3605×3720
CI5X2023 Φ2000×2300 2400×1920 1300 1200-2000 2×500 76 4890×4380×4765
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    The device is formed of a rotatable shaft fitted with rods inside a rotatable screen cylinder composed of different axial screen portions, and has an inlet and an outlet. The internal surface of the cylinder is fitted with spaced comblike strips. Irregularly spaced, inwardly protruding axial rods are fitted 14

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    2019-1-17  40. 20. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 20. 20. 40. 40. 40. 20. 40. 20. 20. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 20 ...


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    The materials of processing: *

    • Granite
    • Limestone
    • Basalt
    • Pebble
    • Gravel
    • Gypsum
    • Marble
    • Barite
    • Quartz
    • Dolomite
    • Gold Ore
    • Copper ore
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