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CI5X Series Impact Crushers

CI5X series impact crusher is a new generation of coarse and medium crushed products designed to meet customers needs for high profit, low cost, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is the guarantee for large-volume production line c

Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, etc.


Model Specifications (mm) Feed opening (mm) Max. feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (t) Dimensions (mm)
CI5X1315 Φ1300×1500 1540×930 600 250-350 250 20 2880×2755×2560
CI5X1520 Φ1500×2000 2040×520 (2040×995) 350(700) 400-600 2×250 (2×200) 30 3390×3520×2790
CI5X1415 Φ1400×1500 1540×1320 900 350-550 250 24 2995×2790×3090
CI5X1620 Φ1600×2000 2040×1630 1100 500-900 2×200 42 3485×3605×3720
CI5X2023 Φ2000×2300 2400×1920 1300 1200-2000 2×500 76 4890×4380×4765
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    The materials of processing: *

    • Granite
    • Limestone
    • Basalt
    • Pebble
    • Gravel
    • Gypsum
    • Marble
    • Barite
    • Quartz
    • Dolomite
    • Gold Ore
    • Copper ore
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